Perfect Effects 3

Photographic Effects Plug-in

Perfect Layers 2

Create Layered Files outside of Photoshop

Creating Dashed Lines in Illustrator CS5

In Illustrator CS5, there are some new features in the stroke panel for creating dashed lines. Follow along with Jeff Witchel as he goes through options for setting up a dash pattern, creating rounded dashes, dotted dashes, and adding color to dashes and even the gaps in between the dash marks.

Perfect Mask 5

Masking for Photographers

Sorenson Squeeze 8

Video Compression and Publishing Suite

Creating Quick Captions in InDesign CS5

Learn how to use InDesign to create image captions automatically. In this video, the first example is a contact sheet where InDesign automatically creates captions based on the image file names. In another example, use InDesign to add captions to images in a newsletter using the image metadata.

ImagePrint 9

Raster Image Processor for Professional Printing

Wacom Inkling

Digital Sketch Pen and Receiver

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