Adobe InDesign offers very precise and explicit control over leading, except in tables, that is, where controlling leading can be a struggle.

Working with Text in Flash, Part 1

Tom Green shows users how to format some creative text and put it into motion using Flash.

Artboard Magic in Adobe Illustrator

Jeff Witchel goes over the artboard tool in Illustrator and looks as the various options using that tool.

Making Unrealistic Things Look Possible in Photoshop CS4

Here we’ll combine dancers with splashes to create a unique “splash dance.”

Video Preview in Flash

Use a still frame from your flash video as a place holder for the video player on screen. Tom Green goes over the preview feature of the FLV playback component.

Real-World Design Makeover

Design Makeover is a column at Layers Magazine. Each issue features three designers and their ‘makeover’ for a client in need.

Photo – Graph in Adobe Illustrator

Dave Cross shows us how to take a photograph and create a themed bar graph using Adobe Illustrator.

Distort with the Envelope Tool in Flash CS4

Distort shapes in Flash using the distort and envelope tools.

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