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Organize with Layers – Adobe Illustrator

Jeff Witchel demonstrates the importance of layer organization when designing in Illustrator. The layers panel can be used to change stacking order and to manage the elements of a design.


  • Tim says:

    Wow. 12 minutes to explain a concept that has been in Illustrator for almost 20 years?

    • Hi Tim,

      It a great feature in Illustrator that many artists never use.

      The same can be said for many incredibly powerful features in every Adobe Application. People only use what they know and feel most comfortable with.

      All my best,


  • Tim says:

    I always felt it necessary to use layers in Illustrator, whereas with Macromedia FreeHand I could do everything one the same layer because of its awesome selection tools and options.
    The reason most artists never use it in Illustrator is because they expect layers to behave the same way they do in Photoshop. And, to some extent, I think they should. But Adobe doesn’t do much in the way of making their apps wok the same way.

  • Chris says:

    Jeff, I’m a new Illustrator user, so I appreciate this tutorial. Tim is just full of himself and can’t resist the urge to let his negativity spill out and infect others. Thank you for this. I personally wish I could find more (free) tuts like this.
    Thanks again.