Portable Artist Brush and Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

When you first see the Sensu Brush, it looks like a silvery version of every other stylus out there. What you don't see is what's hidden within. Give the barrel a slight tug and out pops a second piece. When you flip that piece around and combine the two parts again, you find yourself holding a full-length paintbrush. The brush gives you an incredible tactile experience; it feels so good to use that it helps to unleash the artist in you.

Every person I let try out the brush started playing with it and in no time at all they were all smiling and usually making brush sounds as they drew with it. Whenever it comes to technology, I ask myself, "How quickly do I become dependent on this object?" The Sensu Brush was immediately put into my artistic lexicon as one tool that I don't want to work without.

Each individual hair in the brush is infused with conductive material so that your iPad or other device registers every stroke. It's not pressure sensitive, but the upside is that the softness of the bristles allows your stroke to glide across the surface and create more free and gestural lines. Being able to hold the brush farther up the barrel didn't seem like that big of a deal until I found myself making more painterly strokes. You can tell an artist made this for other artists. Well done!

When you're done painting, flip the brush end around and place it back in the handle to protect the bristles. This also exposes a rubber stylus, which can be used for navigation on your touchscreen devices, as well as sketching and writing.

Finally, to complete the Sensu Brush love fest, I have to say that the price of $39.99 makes this cheaper than a lot of other instruments out there that don't deliver anywhere near the experience this one does.

Company: Artist Hardware
Price: $39.99
Web: www.sensubrush.com
Rating: 5
Hot:  Feel; usability; price