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Photoshop CS4: New Beauty, Part 3

In the third video of this series Chris goes over some of the new color options and advances in Photoshop CS4. There are new options for the eye dropper tool, direct modification abilities with hue and saturation adjustments, and amazing new zoom capabilities.


  • Thorsten Moore says:

    Just another of this slow & boring “I show you the zoom-tool, look how fine it works!”-videos… The content of this whole thing could have been told in less than a minute.

  • Monte Evans says:

    Where is Part 2 of Photoshop CS4: New Beauty??

  • jb says:

    Have to to agree with Thorsten Moore. This guy probably knows his stuff, but he is not a good presenter. It’s painful to have him pause each time he utters two or three words.

    It’s littered with “awesome”, “brilliant”, “cool” but very little explanation of what he is actually doing.

  • gary nunn says:

    you know, these tuts might be boring or put you to sleep because they going over things some of us already know and use daily, but there are tons of beginners and other users who may not know these things and are looking to learn… please be more respectful to the people WHO ACTUALLY TOOK TIME to do these tuts… if you’re unhappy with them or think you know more, create you own tuts and post them for all of us to view… (my 2¢)

  • Bobby H. says:

    I have to agree with G. Nunn; this might not be the kind of “WOW” tutorial that are on this site but for someone that is new to Photoshop, I think his tutorials are easy to follow and quite helpful. If you watch what he is doing and pay attention to his thought process, you will learn quite a bit from him. I believe that’s true for people that are making the transition to CS-4 from CS-3, to those who are just learning Photoshop.

  • claudeth says:

    a paz do senhor