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Premiere Pro CS4 Batch Encoding

Franklin McMahon talks about batch coding in Premiere Pro CS4 and getting the software to render video projects out to different file formats for different platforms.


  • IllusionSector says:

    Mr. McMahon, would you happen to know what happened to the “Video Noise Reduction” filter on the ‘Filters’ tab in the encoder dialog? Why is it that in CS4 there’s a cheap “Gaussian Blur” filter instead
    Thank you. I hope you respond.

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    I believe it has just been renamed

  • Sanjeev Mundluru says:

    When you exported the video, it wasn’t cropped! It was still 16:9! What gives?

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    It grabbed the specs from the preset, I wanted to demonstrate a copy for mobile, which had different settings. Normally when you set the parameters and cropping, it exports exactly that way. Good eye though!


  • Sanjeev Mundluru says:

    Ah I see. Thanks!

  • David Chaffin says:

    Say you’ve edited several sequences and you want to export them all at one one time (my definition of batch encoding). Can I set them all up to export together, walk away, then come back later with them all done (like I can do in Avid)?