Photography DIY Clamshell Reflector

[tps_header]Over the years I’ve seen all kinds of different reflectors and lighting setups to create glamour portraits. One I saw a few years back was designed specifically to create a special catch light in the eyes. It was a pretty expensive one-trick-pony, so I thought I’d try to create something similar using less expensive materials. I ended up creating two variations in one single project for a fraction of the price. Maybe you can try both of these and see which one works best for you (or maybe you’ll use both).[/tps_header]


DIY clamshell reflector  For this project, you’ll need the following materials

  (all costs are approximate):

• A 4×8′ sheet of white basic Coroplast, which is corrugated plastic available at a local sign shop ($15–20)
• Mylar camping blanket ($3)
• Can of spray adhesive ($5)
• Roll of silver duct tape (the really shiny silver, not the regular gray tape—$4)
• Roll of white duct or gaffers tape ($4)
• 1/2″ grommet kit ($10)
• Craft knife
• Yardstick and pencil
• Sturdy twine or medium-weight cord
• A couple light stands

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