DIY Photography with Larry Becker: Light Stand Wheels

[tps_header]Lots of photographers have light stands of various sizes and most photographers start out with simple 8′ or 10′ light stands. Eventually, if they move from simple setups to equipping a studio, they get more heavy-duty stands, such as C-stands, and large, heavy-duty stands with wheels. Because heavier stands are harder to move around, the wheels make them much easier to move in a studio environment.

I’ve seen add-on wheel kits for some light stands, but these must be fitted to the type of light stand leg you’re using. Now, I love my (very sturdy) Cheetah Stands but, because they come with flat-metal legs, rather than round, there’s no aftermarket wheel option at all. Maybe you too have looked and can’t find what you need. If any of this sounds familiar, here’s a cost-effective solution that might meet your needs, as it does mine.[/tps_header]


The best material for this project is 1/2″ plywood. That’s because you’ll be cutting it into a shape that would easily split if it were made from any kind of wood with grain running in a single direction. Start by setting up the base of your largest light stand. Keep in mind that most light stand bases can be extended wider than you may currently have adjusted yours. Try for a more extended base setup.
DIY Photography Light Stand Wheels


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