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Using Subclips in Premiere Pro

Subclips are smaller parts of the bigger project. Use the Make Subclip command early and save yourself some time when you get to the timeline.


  • Alex says:

    nice and useful… i never used subclips before… i’ll give it a try…

  • Clown Boy says:

    “Its similar to editing on the timeline, but slightly different…”

    Umm, ya, right…

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    Give it a shot Alex!

  • David Esp says:

    Nice informative tutorial, I’m just starting out on learning about and using subclips.
    1. Helped confirm I was using them separately – e.g. making a separate bin for them.
    2. Realised from your dragging of a whole bin to timeline that it is possible to storyboard this way. Can have a bin e.g. called “StoryBoard” and control-drag subclips into it, then with bin in thumbnail mode it has a grid where the subclips can be arranged in required order.
    3. One useful addition to your video – you showed that subclips can’t be extended by edge-dragging but didn’t show that they can be shrunk (“in-tended?”) by edge-dragging. Also you didn’t mention the Edit Subclip option that permits the Start/Stop edges to be altered numerically. I only point that out in case it heps others along the way, it wasn’t obvious to me at first.
    4. From I saw that by just plain-dragging, not control-dragging, from Source Monitor to a Bin, it was possible to create a sort of “pseudo subclip” where the edges can be dragged anywhere, no restriction, and they can still be renamed like subclips. Only downsides I can imagine are lack of auto name generation (you have to remember to change it), no special icon (but new name might indicate that, implicitly if not explicitly) and if working as part of a team, the restriction that true subclips have on edge-dragging might actually be of chaos-reducing benefit.

    These kinds of thoughts are a sign of my learning about all this! Of course I’d appreciate any confirmations or corrections to them.