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Fireworks 101

Tom Green is really enjoying the new CS4 version of Fireworks. In this tutorial, he goes over some of the features that help with fast prototyping, like the fit canvas button and the optimizing panel. If you want to follow along, the image used in this tutorial is available for download.


  • johnnye says:

    I know absolutely nothing about Fireworks. Your tutorial gave me some insight as to what it is used for. Thanks for your time!

  • Ken says:

    This is just the ticket for this newbie

  • J says:

    Thanks for the tut, very nicely done. I love the action figure by the way, what is it?

    Quick question- what’s the advantage to using the free transform vs. resizing the image?

    Thanks again,

  • Tom Green says:

    The Action Figure was on a table in front of a shop in the 798 Art District in Beijing:-)

    As for your question I prefer to do stuff by the numbers and Free Transform really doesn’t allow that. If you simply want to “eyeball” it, which I also do, the Free Transform tool is the choice.

  • April says:

    Not very helpful; Tom goes way too fast.

  • Matt says:

    Sorry to say that, but for long term user as me this “tutorial” its disaster.

    You didn’t show anything that is new in Fireworks CS4.
    1. Zoom thing you showed – nothing new – it is since … dinosaurs,
    2. The way you’ve changed the size of image … waste of time – in this case you need to go to: Modify => Canvas => Image Size and bang.
    3. That thing you can compare different exports … its even older then those dinosaurs.