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Using GREP Styles in InDesign

The GREP style options allow users to make dynamic style applications to their InDesign documents.


  • Mads says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks

  • alfiks says:

    Very useful lesson. Thank you

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Glad you enjoyed the tip. GREP Styles have definitely sped up my ID workflow.

  • Joe says:

    Great tutorial. I have a special character format for all Web links in body copy. Each link contains either “www” or “@,” this will save a lot of time!

  • Jamster says:

    I had a lot of trouble finding my “Paragraph styles” panel. It would have been nice to note it was under the “Tables and text” submenu under “Window”.

  • Noorhayati says:

    exellent training

  • reubengoh says:

    nice… thanks!

  • PhillipC says:

    This is probably dead, but I was wondering how you get the GREP option tab under your paragraph styles. Mine doesn’t have that, so that it does not automatically update. Anyone know how to fix? or is that a CS4 only thing?

  • A.J. Wood says:

    PhillipC – Yes, GREP styles is a new feature of InDesign CS4. If you’re using a previous release you will have access to Nested Styles not GREP styles.

  • Paul Stokes says:

    Does anyone know if there is a way to copy Grep Styles to other Paragraph styles? I have many of Grep commands I want to use across multiple paragraph styles to capitalize certain phrases and words… do I have to set these up in each paragraph style, or is there a way to copy them between styles? I guess I could recreate the other styles based on the style that contains the GREP commands, but that won’t help if I add more GREP commands later on…

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Paul – I am not aware of any built-in method for copying GREP styles between paragraph styles. There may be a script out there somewhere, but my first instinct would be to try using the “based on” method for your paragraph styles.

  • Thanks, nice tutorial !

  • Drako says:

    Yap, very useful! Does anyone know by chance what "GREP" stands for? or what does it mean? With this tutorial it is for sure clear what it does but the meaning of the abbreviation is not mentioned.
    Thank you!