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Retouching Eyes with Photoshop CS4, Part 2

Photographer Chris Alvanas uses some of the new tools and functionality of Photoshop CS4 to retouch the eyes of his subject. This video involves Quick Mask mode, and isolating Hue/Saturation adjustments for a specific tone.


  • farsh ganish says:

    guy talks to fast, i’m good with photoshop, but really have no idea what’s going on with him yacking about all the shortcuts and not about what his goal is. yeah i know i’m retarded. but shiiiiiiiit.

  • Gerry Steers says:

    The problem is not that he talks too fast, but that he refers to “THIS” AND “HERE” and in a small video screen, we can’t see what he is talking about. If he spoke specifically to the area he was working on, and what he was doing, it would be a clearer, more educational video.

  • Widowz says:

    I think your both just idiots, this is a very basic tutorial from what I know, and if you cant understand what he is doing, I siggest learning photoshop a bit more on your own rather than post negative comments on a very good quality tutorial thats easy to understand and !FREE!…did Imention it’s free?

    Honestly your just to stupid to understand that (just maybe) you may be stupid.

  • trish says:

    panu yan mga repapeepz.. help aman oohh..
    make me that thing,,
    it soo cool..

  • kesepas mitzz says:

    ulul ang papanget nio mukha kayong buklay na bakulaw

  • tom says:

    glad to see I am not the olny one with issues following this guy, Shortcuts are fine but we need to see the long cuts. Also Windows are computers too. Please include info for them as well. Go speak to Corey or Matt and have them give you some help on doing tutorials, you have some great skills, you just need to polish the presentation.

  • Gerry Enea says:

    cannot view videos. It’s asking for flash player. I know I have it installed but do not see videos

  • tom says:

    where is CS4 pt 1 I canot see it a linkwwould be great

  • Garline says:

    While I appreciate the instructors’ knowledge of Photoshop, he is inarticulate. Perhaps someone will offer to trade speech lessons for Photoshop lessons.

  • Stan Martin says:

    Hello Layers;
    I have enjoyed your magazine for a number of years now and find extremely useful as a teacher of Photoshop and Illustrator at the high school level. I have tried to access your tutorials with no success. I run a big, fast Mac G5 that uses the Adobe Creative Suite
    CS3 as its main programs. Even after downloading the suggested Flash Player I have not been abled to view your tutorials. Please
    advise or give me a work around. Thank you for your time.

  • D Duignan says:

    Windowz is very quick to call folk stupid. Pity he/she hasn’t a clue how to spell or apply the use very basic grammar…..
    Tutorials here are great by the way. Keep it up..!