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Premiere Pro CS4 Transcribe

Rich Harrington talks about one his favorite new features in Premiere Pro CS4; the audio transcription options.  Audio transcription is very powerful and it comes in real handy when editing by helping to locate audio clips. The transcription information can also be exported with the video.


  • Barbara Lloyd says:

    I am interested in this feature. Your tutorial said “simply select a video clip or an audio clip in your project window”

    I selected a video subclip, which is what I have to work from, and the feature is not available. It is pretty much useless on full clips unless you have a machine that is not being used as it may take hours, especially if you are working in HDV.

    I would recommend updating your tutorial to make this clear so that you don’t frustrate your clients.

  • wd says:

    preety tutorial..

  • Cassie Chambliss says:

    The transcribe tool is great if you’re working in English. Do you have any suggestions for ways to manually transcribe/index a video? I work in a language not supported by the program, so I will do the transcribing. But I really want my typed notes to be associated with time stamps, as it is in Clip Notes and in the speech trancription tool. Any thoughts?

  • Dinesh says:

    The transcribe tool might be a cool one, but I don’t see the big window which comes when you go to clip>audio options> transcribe to text
    The small window which was hid behind the big one in your tutorial pops up but not the big top window and the metadata says nothing about the status which remains vacant.
    Is there anything I could do to correct this bug, if it’s one.

  • Tennyson says:

    Can you print or copy the transcription into a word doc?

  • Richard Harrington says:

    Right click on text and choose a copy option.. then switch to word and paste

  • Dave Dugdale says:

    I would love to see this feature on Sony Vegas.

    Dave Dugdale

  • Jensen says:

    … that’s awesome… did you do this tutorial on cs4?

    I just tried googling info on “premiere cs4 audio” and this came up.

    Much like the project I’m trying to salvage (that was done in cs4) this video looks pretty and sounds like absolute hell.
    The clipping. The aliasing. The dropouts and crackling. It all must just be the way of it.

    The info contained here is great and I’m sure you’re a very talented guy who likes to help people. So that’s very good. But I hope people, I guess specifically video editors using this program to try and create broadcast-quality content, understand that there are no shortcuts for audio editing. If you don’t have the dedicated software or understand the process, send it to a trusted post-audio facility.

    Your work, and your viewers, will be richer for it.

  • Linda Jeske says:

    Is there a way that this can be used to do open captioning???

  • Nellie Deutsch says:

    It doesn’t work for me and I have been trying to get a response from Adobe for days.

  • Roden Machingauta says:

    I work in the HR Department and I m always involved with hearings and long running meetings. I would like to if I can have a software that can convert audio files to text format.