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Photoshop CS4 Camera Raw Adjustment Brush

Photographer and Photoshop instructor Matt Kloskowski demonstrates the features of the new adjustment brush in Photoshop CS4’s Camera Raw 5. Matt thinks this one of the biggest features to ever hit camera raw.


  • John says:

    Gee, I wonder if this will be available as an upgrade to Raw 4.4

  • zezo says:

    wonderful tutorial

  • Margaret Urchuk. says:

    Looks very much like Vevesa.

  • Dennis Walton says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. This process has now been added to my toolbox!

  • Roger Smith says:

    Great Job explaining the Adjustment Brush tool!!

  • This concise video on the Adjustment Brush was well done,I appreciated it. I am new to Photo Shop and especially to Camera Raw and I need all the help I can get. The only fault was that the screen video of the Photo Shop screen desktop was hard to see because it was too small and my vision of small lettering is not too accurate. All in all, a good resource. Keep them coming and perhaps you can do one on Mini-Bridge. SWM