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Photoshop CS4 Tone Correction

One of the biggest changes from CS3 to CS4 is moving from adjustment layers to the new tone and color correction workflow. Once you get the hang of the features of the new adjustments panel, you will find it’s faster and more convenient than the old method.


  • Charles Yip says:

    2/3 way of the video it was interrupted with Layers Magazine’s ad video. I restarted the CS4 Tone Correction video and it happened again. So I’ve yet to complete viewing of this video.

  • Jay Kinghorn says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the movie. Of course, when I played it just now, it played through without interruption. Could it be that the movie hadn’t downloaded fully to your computer and returned to the beginning of the movie instead of waiting for the rest of the movie to load?
    I’ll forward your email to Layers magazine’s Web master to see if they can help solve your problem. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Web Editor says:


    I reviewed the video and everything seems to be working fine. I would guess that your connection got interrupted and our ad server fed another advert. when it started over.

    Sorry for the problems.

    Aaron Westgate
    Layers Magazine – Web Dept.

  • Elfinn Færevåg says:

    I onl get the Layer Magazine ad, nothing else

  • T C Anderson says:

    This is a great little video. It plays all the way through for me, but I have DSL, so that may be a factor.

    I’m curious; however, I note that the adjustments layer has a “curves” icon, while my PS CS4 still has the old-style half moon icon. What preference would I need to have that New Look?

  • Jay Kinghorn says:

    Thanks for your note. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the video. If I am reading your note correctly, you are getting a generic adjustment layer icon in the layers panel instead of the Curves adjustment icon.

    If so, try right clicking on the adjustment icon for the layer then select a corresponding thumbnail size (sm, med, or large). That should solve the problem. If not, let me know.

  • Gerry Enea says:

    I only get a blank screen. It tells me this video requires adobe flash player which I have installed

  • jax says:

    Nice idea, but this site and its videos load so slow that you can’t watch them. The first commenters problem is mine as well. I keep getting heavily stuttering ad videos and then zilch.