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Dreamweaver CS4 Widgets

Let’s explore the new spry form widgets in Dreamweaver CS4. After creating a simple form, use new insert panel to create and customize the spry menu objects. Use the new Live View function to preview how the form will behave on the web.


  • john says:

    i can’t see anything. DO you have bigger or better quality.

  • Aidi says:

    i can’t see anything too. DO you have bigger or better quality.

  • Patricia May says:

    This video also hard to hear and see – not good enough

  • pkazmercyk says:

    I have to agree with the other posters. Unless the demonstrator who created the video tutorial has the ability to zoom into the area of the page that he or she is focused on, many of these tutorials are frustratingly difficult to use.

  • J Faulconer says:

    Waaaay too small. I used to be able to download the lessons in Quicktime, and could see it much better and had it saved in an easily accessible location. Can we still get them in Quicktime? This player is a throwback to the 90’s…

  • m burke says:

    Great… now how do we save the data that is placed in there?

  • R Warren says:

    Well worded, and retainable, practical information for use after seeing this tutorial.

    The size issue was a stumbling block, but minor. Where is the full screen mode button among the viewer controls? Is there some add-in to check completeness of control interfaces?

    Lastly, is there a tool to perhaps hilight all page elements which do not yet have any spry validation? This would be great for design mode on more complex pages.

  • Roger says:

    Way off target on accessibility for seeing impaired and hearing impaired. That’s basic stuff. Doesn’t make Adobe look very “with it”.

  • John Parman says:

    Video is not visable
    Only the lower right corner of the skin is visable.

  • Carol Minnich says:

    To see the video, go back and click on the photo of the tutorial, not the text.

  • Dean Wiseman says:

    When you make the video include the ability for us to go full screen with the video. Its too hard to see anything. No sense having video if people can’t see it?

  • Anthony says:

    Hey! I have a really great idea. Why not make the video actually visible. Oh and while your at it, why not crank up the sound so we can all hear whats being said.

  • v-render says:

    nice features .. but very small action area .. can’t view it correct !

  • Helen says:

    Hi, thanks for this tutorial, i thought it was useful, but.. as you already hint in the start of the video, you used tables to align the text areas of this form. is there any other way to do that? i don’t want to use tables, but i do want to see a neat lined up form. Any suggestions? I would really welcome that!


  • Bingo says:

    Hey Helen, that’s what tables are for – tables, forms, data – get a grip.

  • Peter T says:

    Download it to the desk top or wherever. Open with Adobe Media Player. Works great, has good visibility and sound.

  • nanfusco says:

    who can see anything here???

  • drkenrich says:

    I’m a hack. I’ve never had a chance to take any fundamental class in html, Dreamweaver or coding, but I’ve learned by cut and paste with a little editing.

    I got really frustrated with Spry because I couldn’t find how to use it and I didn’t know enough to start on my own. I’ve tried ADobe and several other sites for basics, nothing helpful.

    Thanks for this video. I turned up the volume and just paid attention. Now I can be dangerous.


  • angiej says:

    can’t see or hear anything

  • tooty says:

    thank you for lesson but how do it ths in
    i try but valdation not work