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Masking Hair in Photoshop CS3

Masking hair is one of the harder challenges faced when you want to move a subject from one background to another. Here are two techniques for getting this done.


  • zezo says:

    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  • zezo says:

    wonderful tutorial
    ماشاء الله على الشغل الجامد
    بس ياريت يبقى التنفيذ على صوره اكثر تعقيدا
    لأنى ملاحظ ان الخلفيه شديده السهوله…..صح؟

  • Erin Smythe says:

    BUT what is the intended output of the file? What is the starting point file size or resoultion?

    Interesting method BUT like with parts of your PS photography tutorials, you DO NOT view your finished work at 100%, which is where one could or would see the various flaws.

    Scott Kelby is notorious for producing worthless tutorials for all but extremely low res, small size, web images, labled as Quick and Dirty. Fine for web designers but pretty worthless for photographers needing high res outputs.

    I’d argue that BEFORE you start your tutorial, decide what the OUTPUT of the tutorial is for. Is it low res for the web, or is it high res for use in the highest quality print reproduction. THEN tell us the viewer, and peform the tutorial TO MATCH THE DESIRED OUTPUT, low res output, vs. high res output. ONE SIZE TUTURIALS DO NOT FILL ALL TYPES OF OUTPUTS.

    Without seeing the results of the hair mask at 100%, you’re tutorial is too ambiguous and for a high res output, may in fact drive the end user crazy getting it to work. IF your tutorial works for a high res output as it appears to in your low res video, then great, but show us the results as we’d need to use and inspect them at 100% and HELP US figure out how to refine the retouching for high res outputs.

    I do appreciate the help that you and Adobe are offering, but my intended outputs are for very large high res files where quick and dirty methods are rejected by editors and clients and therefore worthless. Many thanks for taking output resoultion into account and for showing us the results at 100%.

  • Bob says:

    Great tutorial. I will have to write down the steps to remember.

  • sorrie says:

    I especially like the way he smacks his lips at least 200 times. I could not listen to this guy.

  • james says:

    send to me the video please……….

  • Al says:

    I’m very new to Photoshop and have an earlier version, however I do fully appreciate anyone that takes their time and effort to share their knowledge and experience for free. My only comment is, I wish the steps were written down, step 1, etc. It is difficult to write down steps while concentrating on visual.

  • lala says:

    this will really help me when it comes to hair… tnx very much!!

  • Kate says:

    There isn’t any sound!

  • Kate says:

    Sorry.. My server was having issues and I wasn’t getting the sound stream.

  • sujith varghese says:

    thank u…. really coool

  • Blair says:

    no sound guys??? common ya gotta get it right before you put it up!

  • says:

    Very nice tutorial. Thanks. Great job!

  • Nicholas O says:

    thanks man, hope this will work for my schoolproject 😉

  • Val_Ery says:

    Nice Tutor!!! Thanks

  • Saki says:

    how do I mask BLOND hair, its not working wit this technique?

  • Phillip says:

    Great tutorial. Always been spending lots of time to mask hair. Hopefully this will speed up process. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Love it!

  • kokowawa says:

    Thank you. Great tutorial.
    What are the web sites to having the DVDs?

  • otba says:

    على فكره هتلاقى المصريين فى كل مكان
    برنامج رائع

  • arizona sudiro says:

    nice one, trying with solid shape hair.
    need something to do messy hair.
    its good anyway…thanks 4 sharing

  • jp says:

    thanks for everything, this is great

  • aeonstyle says:

    i like that blend mode in the brush option and the apply image technique which did a good job in doing a great contrast. nice work!

  • Miguel Gómez-Arboccó says:

    Amazing! Thank you!

  • Saleem Mughal says:

    very helpful but i have not faster internet speed

  • brian says:

    Great tutorial, thanks for taking the time to do this. Question, any advice for dealing with hair that has very little contrast with the background?

  • Cheryl says:

    I got the video part to play. My IT guy just happened to walk through the door, and magically, it began to play!

  • Sebastian says:

    Amazing! thanks for this tutorial… so simple and to the point.

  • Celeste says:

    Because I am dealing with a model with blonde hair, this tutorial is not working in the way it should.
    Once the model was cut out of the original and onto its new background the hair looks pixled.

  • Jagan says:

    Excellent. Could you please send this video clip to me…

  • Joniskate says:

    where is the video?? 🙁

  • Amazing and nice tutorials . thanks for shearing .

  • B says:

    I agree with Saki and Celeste, “what about blond hair?” I am working with an image where the person has variable hair color, more of a dirty blond/brown in most places with a light blond in other (large) places, including the outlines, and especially where the light hits it. How do I deal with that? If the author can’t comment it would be great if someone else with Photoshop experience could, or if they could post a link to a tutorial on that.

    Thank you

    • B says:

      I have also forgotten to add that the picture was not taken in a studio and the subject has a variable color/brightness background.