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Image Slide Show in Adobe Fireworks

How do you create a slide show without having to write a bit of code? The answer is Adobe Fireworks.


  • Gurr says:

    hey Thats awsome!

  • Wayne says:

    Having a minor problem. Assume you create the album and get out of the slideshow program. Later, you realize that you might want to change a filter. So, you start the slideshow program again and open the file. Now, how do you alter the filter properties on reload? Also, it seems that the settings that you used are altered to the original settings when you first start the program, which implies, you must redo things.

  • Tom Green says:

    Wayne.It is a simple matter of opening the album, making the adjustment and republishing. A lot of the “stuff” gets buried into the swf.

  • Tom Green says:

    Thanks Gurr!

  • M&MS says:

    Is there a way to add audio/soundtrack to a slideshow if you make it this way? Thanks!

  • Tom Green says:

    Not using Fireworks CS4. There is nothing in the interface that permits this and the end product is a swf, not an fla, so you can’t add it in Flash.

  • vince says:


    I tried inseting the Slide Show (swf file) into Dreamweaver… The ablum layout does appears but not the pix and the file can’t play by it self.

    Any advise??


    • Verndog says:

      Same problem here.
      I created a slide show, Priviewed it locally in Dreamweaver and it is perfect. When uploaded I cant see the thumpbails or the pix but the album names etc are there. Ive tried everything. Any help would be greatley appreciated

  • Charles Key says:

    Lot of help, thanks for taking the science out of it.

  • Dawn Jewell says:

    I created my slide show but the interface will not let me put in an export path…I did it just like you did and when I find the file and click select, it doesn’t show up. It won’t even give me an insertion point to type it in manually. Any suggestions?


    Great tutorial by the way!!!

  • Ian says:

    When I click the commands tab, I do not even see the option of a creating a slide show. Please help!!


  • Edvinauskas says:

    Great tutorial! Exactly what ive been needing for the website.

  • Ian says:

    COME ON TOM! what do I do if I do not see this extension in my commands tab. I am using the CS3 version of fireworks.

  • Tom Green says:

    I honestly don’t know why it isn’t there. You sure it isn’t in the Creative group?

  • Tiago says:

    When i going to save the slideshow, appears a message that say : specified folder already exist. and the i click ok. and overly the folder, but when i going to see the slideshow the images dont appear. 😡 WHY ?

  • David says:

    Same thing here. I loaded the file in Dreamweaver to an asp page and nothing. I tried a plain html page still nothing. THe frame appears but no pics, no autoplay, nothing. I did notice int he code that it does not put in AC_FL_RunContent code. COuld that be the problem and if so how should it lay out?

  • Sjak says:

    I’m getting something i don’t understand. when i’m adding a folder he says file not found. can someone help me

  • Paulette says:

    When I select the folder with my images to create slideshow, after I hit “ok” and select the image name(s)…on the lower right hand corner it says “file not found” What is wrong?

  • Melissa says:

    Nice tutorial, I wish I would have seen it prior to starting!

    Is there a way to embed your slideshow in Dreamweaver CS4? I can’t seem to get it to work.


  • Barry Geertsen says:

    I am having the same problem as Charles Key. The export path isn’t displaying and you can’t type it in either. Any suggestions

  • pix says:

    Great tutorial, easy to follow…
    I’m using CS3, and aside from not having the “Create Slide Show” option, everything worked to the letter. The only problem is a photo resolution problem. It seems as though I’ve lost quite a bit of resolution. Any advice to fix this?

  • Oliver Iguardia says:

    When I select the folder with my images to create slideshow, after I hit “ok” and select the image name(s)…on the lower right hand corner it says “file not found” What is wrong?

    I could use some help!

  • Div says:

    Awesome Tutorial!
    Followed everything to the tee, but won’t allow me to put an export path like Charles Key & Barry Geertsen and can not move forward to save. PLEASE HELP!!!!


  • mark Anthony says:

    Ok. I used cs4 Fireworkds to create an album.
    The problem I found, is that when you use more than one album in the “album book”, the thumbnail for each album does not stay. It only accepts one?

  • 1212c8 says:

    When i click on the photos in the slideshow window instead of showing the picture it says file not found. Any tips to help?

  • Kyle says:

    When I click create it starts and bring up the status bar window but it only gets to 4 percent and won’t proceed any further what could my problem be also should I be able to view my pics in the create slideshow window?

  • David Calandra says:

    the page i wish to use the slide show for has all pictures pulled into the page as var(pother1,pother2) can I still use this program for the slide show

  • Robert Rapier says:

    Using this method in Fireowrks, is it possible to make a slide show such as this that plays swf animations in each slide instead of just static images?

  • N Smith says:

    How do you customize the way the player looks – add more content, rearrange the content, add a logo, etc?

  • Tom Green says:

    If you aren’t faint of heart and have some programming chops all of the bits and pieces can be found in application>Configuration>Commands>players. Just remember, if you do want to play with it, play with a copy.

  • James says:

    can this be done with text files as well?

    i want to have rotating “Kudos” statements from my clients on the front page in a window…

  • Tom Green says:


    Can’t be done. Images only. Of course you could create a lot of images with the kudos and do it that way.

  • Chuck M says:

    I started here interested in XML Flash Slideshow Creator v3, but folks report problems with it. Then found this tutorial on doing a slideshow in Fireworks.

    Everything looks good except that I didn’t hear or see a provision to add a URL link to each image. Definitely need that.

    Can that be done by Fireworks? If not, is there another good choice that can? (That doesn’t require coding or knowing Flash.) TIA…

  • S Stewart says:

    Used your method to create a slide show using Fireworks CS3. Only having one problem…I can not get the picture to fit the image window (I do have the box check “enlarge to fit”).

    Can you help?

  • Dixie says:

    I have 3-5 rotating photos, all sized at 500px x 375px, with no borders, no captions, no buttons, to display on a web page. I am learning Dreamweaver CS5 and have the master collection. I understand your explanation in this video, but there is no option for the absolutely no frills design my client wants.All I want is a rotating gallery, with no user control:
    image 01 loads,
    wait 5 seconds then fade to image 02,
    wait 5 seconds then fade to image 03,
    wait 5 seconds then fade to image 04,
    wait 5 seconds then fade to image 05,
    wait 5 seconds then loop back to and fade in image 01.
    I would so appreciate your help.

  • sbeugnies says:

    Hi, great tutorial, very easy to follow, however when i click on create the album, the percentace will not load past thirteen percent. any suggestions on how to get this to process properly? thanks

  • Ching says:

    Hi Tom,thanks a lot for hsaring this tuts to us.I did it,followed I will try to post it in my website when it’s up already.:=)
    Looking forward for more shared tuts.

  • Aaron says:

    thanks its really good. Only problem is i have created one slideshow, now when i want to create another the images i select dont appear, the file names are present but you cannot see the images, do you know why?

  • I have been trying to create a slideshow in Dreamweaver CS5, but of course the feature is gone! I watched your video and was able to create a slideshow in Fireworks, and I am impressed! It came out beautiful! One question: How do I get the Fireworks slideshow into Dreamweaver? Any help will be much appreciated!

  • Legolas says:

    It’s a really great presentation–

    Except for one problem. He never tells you how to integrate (make it work in) a larger web page.

    He’s telling me to upload the index file, but it’s never made clear, is that from a previously built website that this is a part of? If so that should have been clarified.

    Also, how then, does one add the slideshow in to the existing web page?

    Unless he’s saying to upload the slide show without the website which makes no sense.

  • Colin says:

    This question my be on the wrong page but how would I do it in cs6?

  • Bert says:

    I’ve used the Fireworks CS4 slideshow, for my portfolio page, and its worked fine. However, more recently after I’ve add new images to my slide show, and previewed the slideshow in my browser, all the images are showing way too small (slightly larger than thumbnail size). This was not happening before. What may be causing this? And what can I do to fix it? Help! Thanks.