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Snow Globe in After Effects CS4

J Schuh creates a snow globe using Adobe After Effects.


  • Nicole says:

    Super cool, thank you J Schuh.

    I totally took off with it. This is my first time opening After effects and it was very simple and turned out very cool.

    Very seldom do I received such instant gratification after following a tutorial.

  • Nicole says:

    Here is my final product using this tutorial

  • S. T. White says:

    Wow – this was very fascinating.
    Nicely done, very simple steps.


  • J. Schuh says:

    Hey folks thanks again for the great feedback!

  • Rio says:

    This was great! Just in time for the Christmas season. Thanks J.!

  • raj says:

    i want after free effect tutorials

  • J. Schuh says:

    Hey Raj, the tutorials are FREE if I understand that is what you are asking for.

  • matt says:

    you know there’s an effect called cc snow right?

  • J. Schuh says:

    Hey Matt, yep I know there is a cc snow effect.

    Part of what I do with the tutorials is introduce folks to effects they might not have used before and get them to play around.

    There are more particle tutorials I plan to do in the future so I figured this was an easy way to introduce Particle Playground.

    Part of what makes After Effects so cool is there are so many ways to do similar effects.

    Thanks for the feedback and Happy Holidays!

  • DjoDJo says:

    Hello J.

    Great Tuto, but I would like to know how you create this really realistic snowglobe in photoshop CS3. Did you use 3D or something else to give this result? I’am noob in photoshop and after effects and I didn’t find help to create snowglobe like this one.