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Background Experiments with Photoshop and Illustrator

This tutorial experiments with a current design trend of creating techno backgrounds.


  • Saranga Asith says:

    nice tute. in this tute they tech how to illustrator blend option and the other things.i also want to create like these tutes. best maxxa.

  • Jo Ellen Morris says:

    I learned a great deal from this, however, I could not get my brush stroke to color black. Mine showed up white and I still have no idea how to change it… Can anyone help, because I would love to finish this great tutorial.

  • Sarita says:

    Hi Ellen,

    All you have to do is select the arrow and assign the color from the color bar.

  • Michael Thomas says:

    You need to make sure that your foreground color is set to black not white. Simple…..hope this helps.

  • wallis Parnelle says:

    Would be nice if ads hide the downloading of tuts, in the background which are QT, so can be saved. And if available in itunes with a link.
    just a comment

  • RUSSO says:


  • marina says:

    Is there are reason my PS doesn’t have the lense flare option? It’s greyed out. I have CS3.

  • anon says:

    hmm – does anyone know why my lens flare option would be greyed out and unavailable?

  • geradji says:

    Way too fast. I see you do it, but how do you do it?

  • almuth says:

    Hi Marina,

    your document is probably not RGB mode….choose


  • May says:

    I can’t use the brush to remove part of the arrows, it says I need to rasterize my vector smart image and then i cant edit it. Can anyone help? P.S My foreground is in black and background white, if that helps.

  • electricthorn says:

    wow, that was explained so well. Thanks a lot

  • Dawna Pearce says:

    I am slow, and it took me a few hours to get through this as I am new to CS4 and a newbie with Photoshop, but I am happy to say, I did it and learned leaps!

  • jovert says:

    to slow in loading! but good tute

  • mark shirley says:

    Terrible tutorial lost me when i tried to load the brushes