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CSS Basics in Adobe Dreamweaver

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This tutorial covers the basics of creating CSS in Dreamweaver using the CSS Rule dialog.


  • Bob Sampson says:

    Nothing here!

  • Bill M says:

    You might want to rename the article “CSS Basics in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4” just for clarity.

  • Jonathan S says:

    I don’t really know much about CSS, but I want to learn more. This video is an great way to get started on learning about using CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. This is probably the best intro CSS tutorial that I have ever seen.

  • R. Mareydt says:

    I cannot view the Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial or any Photoshop Tutorial in Flash!

    My Flash is loaded & up to date, but my Activities Folder states that it does not find the animated gifs for the tutorials.

    Am able to view all other Flash Tutorials on other sites … but not on Layers Magazine or Photoshop TV.

    On Layers Magazine – going to the IF Frames in Dreamweaver & click on link – it loads perfectly on my IMac but NOT on my Mac Pro.

    What could be the problem? Thank you for your response.

  • Raymond Powell says:

    This is very helpful to a novice like myself, however I’d like much more in-depth explanation and examples on WHY to pick each different Selector Type. Seems like that’s an important choice that can have serious consequences. Perhaps I simply missed it, but I didn’t find a way to view the tutorial full screen. That would be a big plus, too. Thanks for your valuable information!

  • Robert Sackett says:

    The video was fast paced, informative and the audio was clean and intelligible. The video quality sucked big time though – could barely discern text details and UI text. Adobe CS4 for Mac was a huge disappointment. For no plausible or justifiable reason they eliminated the ability to perform basic embellishments to a table’s borders, etc. All prior iterations of Dreamweaver possessed that simple, convenient ability. When asked why they did away with that ability in CS4, they said that designers should utilize CSS for those embellishments. Dah! With all the other versions of Dreamweaver, you could quickly embellish a table, or use CSS to achieve the desired result. Now, you can only use CSS. They actually had to expend time and energy to remove a useful aspect of their software – they must have nothing better to do, and it’s foolishness like this that makes software more expensive, and less productive.

  • David Jackson says:

    Thanks, you make some of the better tutorials I’ve seen… I’d like to suggest you supply a link from this site to the YouTube versions of these, so they can be easily watched in full-screen with smoother playback.

  • I learned a lot about css by creating something in Dreamweaver and then going into the code to see what css had been created.