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Fireworks CS4 Styles Management

Fireworks CS4 includes some workflow improvements when using the styles panel which will help users improve the management of their style assets.


  • Fuck says:

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  • ZeroTrade says:

    Fireworks CS4 came with too many bugs. If you ask me, I keep the CS3….

  • adobesucks says:

    gone back to cs3.. cs4 is a buggy piece of shit… adobe shame on you. some cool features badly produced.

  • Jack Charon says:

    Speaking from my branch on the tree – this software works just fine. Maybe its been updated or something but it really rocks for me. All this stuff works just fine.

  • Jamster says:

    If you are unhappy with Fireworks CS4, contact Adobe tech support! They will help you fix the bugs! I had a problem and it was MY fault! I had a corrupt font… people, don’t swear, DEBUG! You beanheads!

  • WrongStreet says:

    Thanks…helpful demo. Seems I was neglecting some of the advantages of the new version.


  • jtomas says:

    I have never seen a program filled with so many bugs. Adobe needs to DEBUG their own software before releasing it. Have they forgotten about software testing? This program is such a memory hog.

  • Silknet says:

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  • Pat says:

    Thanks, helpful tutorial. NIcely done.