Produced by KelbyOne

After Effects CS4 Cartoon Effects

Experiment with the settings of the cartoon effect to give your video a unique look and combine those effects with the Bilateral blur. Learn how CS4 allows users to adjust the processor settings of their system to render effects quicker and also has search fields for all of the modules in the new interface.


  • Fish says:

    Did Adobe license the Toon-It! plugin from Digital Anarchy ? Looks good and seems to render quickly…certainly a welcomed addition to AE.

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    I don’t think that is the case. Toon-It has many more options and parameters, in fact, maybe too many, haha its pretty intense.

    Toon-It is idea for high end work where the ultimate control is needed. The cartoon filter in AE CS4 gives great results with just a few tweaks. It may not be quite as deep as Toon-It but most of the time you can get results you envision quicker with the new CS4 built in cartoon filter.


  • Toonerstan says:

    FYI, ToonIt is now available from Red Giant. It has cleaner outlining than AE CS4, so you’ll be putting in considerably less time fixing up smudged, dirty outlines. It also doesn’t break down handling dark images, which you can see by doing a side-by-side comparison. That may not be relevant for your particular content, but it’s important to many.


  • Franklin McMahon says:

    I think both have their strengths, as I mentioned I see ToonIt as a professional tool when you want to have more options. Great job on it Stan!


  • Chica Loca says:

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  • eddy says:

    this is very creative i love it

  • ME says:

    Nicole is Pretty Hot!

  • ala says:

    hy i like to knwo from where to download tese plugins?

  • Some Guy says:

    Looks kinda cheesy.