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Illustrator CS4 Appearance Panel

There are some great new enhancements to the Appearance panel in Illustrator CS4 that will consolidate your workflow and save users a lot of time. For instance, it’s now possible to make color and stroke adjustments right in the appearance panel, as well as add new fills, strokes, and effects. The new graphic styles panel has new abilities for combining and previewing effects.


  • Jeff (AdobeAce) says:

    Very cool Cheryl!

  • Tom Viengvilai says:

    Good tutorials! Keep them coming as much as you can. We need more tutorials in illustrator because there are way too much photoshop, but not enough on illustrator.

    Thanks for the cool tutorials!

  • Ashtangakasha says:

    Looks like Illustrator is finally growing up! Not a moment too soon. Nice efficient tutorial, Cheryl. Thanks!

  • Heather says:

    cool Cheryl – I hadnt even noticed this! Quicker is always good! – thanks!

  • Colin Cooler says:

    After listening to several of the tutorials, I just want to say that I’m generally impressed with the quality. But I am particularly impressed with Cheryl’s pacing (as well as RC’s), i.e, fast, informative, and “no nonsense.” Keep up the good work, Cheryl.

  • AHMAD says:

    thanks you sooo much

  • jerry k says:

    way better than sitting in the classroom and trying to stay awake.

  • Frank B says:

    Option click doesn’t work to add second graphic style. Can anyone help