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CS4 Camera Raw Post-Crop Vignette

Matt Kloskowski uses the new post crop vignetting abilities of Photoshop CS4’s Camera Raw to draw attention to the middle of the photograph. Earlier versions had the toll, but the new version can add vignetting after cropping and has added some new adjustment sliders.


  • Nico Marchand says:

    This is a very nice new feature… finally Adobe decided to help us out with this… not to rain on your parade but i’ve been using this feature for photos for a number of years now with Fusion. Since it wasn’t available in PS, now i don’t have to go to Fusion to use it. One thing maybe for an eventual update would be to have what Fusion calls the ” double-edge” feather, which gives us even more control on the amount of feathering.

  • William says:

    My sliders from the post-crop vignetting have disappeared… any idea what happened and how to bring then back?