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Fireworks CS4 Layout Tools

Fireworks CS4 has some new and improved layout features to take advantage of. This video covers: display rulers, traditional guides, the new tool tips feature, smart guides, and align panel improvements.


  • Phil says:

    Whatever Happened to written tutorials… Video’s are cumbersom, and hard to follow, let alone grasp at anything!

  • Jim Babbage says:

    @ Phil:

    Different people learn in different ways. Check out or or for many written tutorials. I have many written tutorials at adobe’s site and at Community MX, if you prefer to read.

  • Tamara Mitchell says:

    That was very well illustrated. IMO, tutorial videos are not cumbersom – they challenge you to create what’s needed.

  • Terry Losee says:

    Thanks for being so Incredibly Helpful !
    I find this particular Video to be fundamentally helpful. From here I can get up some little bit of speed while creating. (the new guy)
    Wow, what a great piece of work FireWorks is. Literally, I did not know what I bought. I am impressed 1000 times over with the work that Adobe does. Can’t wait till I become fluent with the whole set of Premium CS4 programs.

  • Jim Babbage says:

    @Tamara: Thanks very much! Feel free to suggest other tutorials you’d like to see.

    @Terry: You’re very welcome. I’m glad you find the tutorials helpful! And yeah, Fireworks is pretty cool. 🙂

  • Nat says:

    Jim, I really enjoy your tutorials. What option did you use for your background image to show through the grey rectangles?
    Thank you,

  • crap says:

    If you have a complex layout with boxes partially overlapping then the export does not position relatively, its only for basic designs. Shit!