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After Effects CS4 3D Effects

After opening and then saving a 3ds file in Photoshop Extended, bring it into After Effects CS4 for some 3D animation. The new CS4 version of After Effects includes some new controls for animation, as well as abilities to add a broad range of effects to the 3D object. Experiment and enjoy the new CS4 capabilities.


  • kostas papakis says:

    eisai malakas!

  • Eran Stern says:

    Nice touch Franklin, Can’t wait to see this concert 🙂

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    Me too Eran 😉


  • Venkatesh says:

    Great Tutor Dude..

  • Franklin McMahon says:


  • jj says:

    malakas einai o kostas paparakis pou to paizei exipnos sto asxeto k petagetai san tin mikri .
    Congrats for the tutorial pal!

  • adil salim says:

    hello! i just want to tell u that i need adobe after effect CS4,but i have got no money so if u can help me with your kindness here is ma adress 24,sandyhill road ig12et ilford,essex ok bye

    • Oscarian says:

      Someone should really delete that guy’s post with the address in it. Even if it’s a fake, it shouldn’t be displayed in a public forum.

  • says:

    i like it!

  • Roy says:

    I watch carefully your video because ive been having a big problem with 3d layers in AE CS4.

    I have a model in Maya and i export it as .obj and run to Photoshop CS4 extended then its really 3d there , i color it there and save it as PSD .

    Then i go to AE CS4 and import it as live photoshop
    layer, but my problem is, that the layer is not 3d anymore. If i use the camera there, it stays in 2d like a piece of flat paper when rotated.

    I really dont know whats wrong, or did i miss something?
    And also when i double click on the (something like a precomposed icon), it has no camera in there.

    Im thinking maybe because ur file was a 3ds and mine was .obj… i really dont know

    Hope you can help me

  • Michael Siega says:

    Hello!! i watched your video and i like it.. it encourages me to make what you did in the video.. hope you’ll help me to learn more… opps by the way i don’t have adobe after effects cs4 installer… i hope you could help me to get one… i’m an IT student here in the Philippines and im graduating next year.. i love photography, photo editing, music editing and other tricks in the computer.. i also know how to create flash presentations, which i usually do… Now, when i watched your video, it encourages me to make another presentations using after effects… hope you will help me…

  • Bort says:

    Okay, but what day is the concert??