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Fireworks 101, Part 2

Tom Green shows how to make your life easier using these Fireworks productivity tips. This tutorial includes things like sharing layers between pages and creating dummy text.


  • Roger. B says:

    am roger from lebanon,
    i am new in adobe,
    i just wanna ask for adobe CS4 ( photoshop – illustrator – indesign – after effect ) tutorials .
    need to know the price of them.
    thank you

  • Jim says:

    Great work Tom! Please keep ’em coming!

    I don’t think that most PS people knwo the real power of prototyping made possible by FW and how much time they could save b using it.

    But, your videos should go a long way towards rectifying that situation.

  • Mike Schinkel says:

    So where is Part 1?!?

  • Chris Main says:

    Hi Mike,

    Here’s the link to part 1:

    Chris Main
    Managing Editor
    Layers Magazine

  • JUAN GARCIA says:

    Hola que bueno seria ver un demo de cada tutorial y mejor seria si explican mas detalladamente el uso de los botones en la biblioteca tales como los scroll y los campo para introducir el texto, esta muy bien el interes de enseñar pero por favor mas amplios con la informacion gracias

  • Scott says:

    These Fireworks tutorials have been very interesting. But I have to say, it would be helpful if you were more careful with the screen shots of the actions you’re explaining. For example, at 1:05 in this video, you explain how to show a “series of pages” by clicking “right here” — but your cursor is off screen, so I can’t see what icon you’re clicking! Same thing at 5:01, when you say “…come to the context menu, right here.” Again, your cursor is off the screen, and I cannot see where you’re pulling the menu down from (and i cannot find the context menu on my own Fireworks program).

    The same thing happened two or three times in Part 1 — I hear you say “right here,” but your cursor isn’t showing where “here” is. It’s rather frustrating.

    Also, it would be nice if you could group the series in one place, and in order. Maybe I’m missing something, but when I look up “Fireworks” under tutorials, I get several pages of videos, which are not in any particular order.

    Don’t mean to complain, but only offer feedback. The videos are great. Just hard to follow when the action
    is off screen.