The world around us is constantly in shift. Dawn Of A New Era, from Erik Kuna, Tom Cross, Ryan Chylisnki, is the first in a creative series showing the world this shift through their eyes.

Erik ‘rocketman’ Kuna, Vice President of Technology and Operations at KelbyOne, has been one to watch for some time, working hard to develop his style of captivating launch shots.

Tom Cross, a rocket launch photographer for Teslarati at the Kennedy Space Center, proclaims that he has the “coolest job in the world.”

Ryan Chylinski, part of the visuals team at SpaceFlight Insider, is a multi disciplinary author, photographer, and entrepreneur.

This trio is basically a match made in heaven when it comes to making awesome space-age images!

Their work together can be seen here.

I’m for one am very excited to see how their partnership progresses.

Scott Kelby, CEO of KelbyOne and time-and-again best selling photography author, tweeted: –

Erik Kuna and friends revealed their Elon Musk inspired photography project today which blends two of Elon’s companies, Tesla and Space X, into a single image from the recent SpaceX early morning launch. You’ve got to see this!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this really is the Dawn Of A New Era.

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