Some big news has landed on the creatives education scene! The big player, KelbyOne, has launched a brand new plan named ‘Plus’ which sits right there between the Free Plan and the Pro Plan. Offering some of photography and designs best quality educational content from what KelbyOne quite rightly calls the ‘Rockstars of the industry’ at half the price of the pro plan, this new Plus Plan meets a demand for something of a little lighter market, perhaps those who aren’t yet ready or who don’t have the time to dive nose deep into the plethora of courses KelbyOne has on offer but who want to quench their thirst and fuel their creativity.
So there’s a catch, right? Well to be honest I’m struggling to find one. I’ve even had a dig around on TrustPilot, because you know you’ll get things served to you straight up on there, and yet all I’m seeing is good!
For someone who has progressed through this industry myself and had a good look around at what’s on offer across the educational market, if I were to go back a good few years this Plus Plan would be a no brainier – my decision would be made right here and right now, and here’s why.
This plan gives you access to over 300 courses. 300! I mean, whether you shoot travel like me, or you’re all about weddings or portraiture, or even graphic design, there’s plenty here to get stuck in to as a first step into the world of creative, educational resources. I’m talking Scott Kelby, Glyn Dewis, Moose Peterson, Terry White, the names I’m seeing here are outstanding in their respective fields and to be able to learn directly from the best, from the key players, all in one place is unreal!
There’s another piece of awesome here too, though! KelbyOne produces Lightroom Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine, and you can get your eyes on their digital versions and learn from them as well in a completely different way, with each issue being ram packed full to the brim with killer content and some ground breaking techniques, tips and tricks to step your creativity up a gear.

KelbyOne. Unleash your inner photography

There’s a reason I’m writing this and putting it here in front of you. And honestly, I could’ve written about any of the great educational companies in the field of photography and creativity, but I chose to write about this one for a very distinct reason. I have first hand experience across a range of these companies, I’ve dabbled here and there and I’ve also explored the world of free resources across the web, but there’s only one that I know I will get the answer from, that I know where I’ll get the support, and where there’s a completely professional team made up of passionate and knowledgable people and it’s KelbyOne. Whenever I’ve strayed across the market I’ve ended up coming back, what you get from this amazing team really is magnetic. The courses are pitched from the best line up of instructors who deliver their content as if they’re talking straight to me, they make that hard stuff easy to understand. We all want the same things from our photography – we want to understand enough about what we’re doing to be the best we can be. We want to make the best images, the best video, the best graphics, and this is the way to do it!

A better way to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography.