Photoshop on the iPad

With the iPad Pro being a few years old now, perhaps this is a little later than we would’ve wanted, but its been reported that Adobe plans to release a full iPad version of Photoshop for 2019.

The iPad, ever since it’s launch, has become a more prominent and more utilised piece of hardware in many industries, including our creative industry. Adobe has maximised on its use of the iPad in many ways, particularly with the Spark series, but when it came to Photoshop there have been an array of apps which each perform different functions rather than just having a like-for-like Photoshop that we all recognise from our desks.

Then came Lightroom Mobile. When I first saw a demo of it by Julianne Kost at Photoshop World I was quite literally blown away. It was the Lightroom I knew, and it had simply been adapted to work in just the same way but in my mobile device. The files I was working on were right there in the Cloud, I was able to harness the power of Lightroom right in my hand.

It appears that Adobe have recognised both that people are living, in general, a much more dynamic and ‘on the go’ lifestyle, and that the success of Lightroom Mobile is transferable to Photoshop.

Bloomberg dropped this ground-breaking bombshell when they received word from Scott Belsky of Adobe that the engineers were hard at work on a “cross platform iteration of Photoshop.”

It could potentially be a while before we see it – I’m no engineer but I can imagine that as well as an interface rejig there’s also a requirement to rework the architecture so that all the back-end Creative Cloud functionality translates across, but I certainly can’t wait to see this happen!