Photographer Scott Kelby Reveals This Smart Trick For Building an Audience on Instagram

When it comes to social media for photography, it’s clear that Instagram is king in terms of number of users, engagement, and amount of time spent using the app. It is probably safe to say that most of you reading this article are already on Instagram, and are using it every day. If so, you know it is a fantastic way to connect to people who are also passionate about taking, viewing, and sharing pictures.

Whether you’re a new member, or someone who has been using the app for a while, chances are, you have probably wondered how you might be able to get the most from Instagram. Every user I’ve ever met has at some point wondered how they might be able to increase their following, get more likes on their Instagram photos, or even if it is worth their time to join.

While there is no magic wand that will instantly transform you into an Instagram star, there are some tricks that you can use to get the most from the social network, and hopefully build a bigger audience.

Last week, photographer and CEO of KelbyOne, Scott Kelby (Full disclosure: KelbyOne is the parent company of Layers Magazine), released a new course called How to Build an Audience on Instagram.

In the course, Scott shares everything he has learned about creating an interesting and compelling Instagram account, and how he was able to grow his following in a relatively short amount of time. In the segment above, Scott shares one really smart trick for how you can build an audience on Instagram, one that I frequently use myself.

To learn more, head over to KelbyOne, where you can subscribe to view the full hour long course.

Source: KelbyOne.