3D Bump Maps in Photoshop Extended

In this tutorial, Stephen Burns shows how to paint Bump map textures with a Wacom tablet.

Design Makeover: High-flying Redesign

We’re looking for product packaging or labels, print advertisements, websites, and magazine covers that are currently in the marketplace for future “Design Makeovers.” So if you or someone you know has a design that you’d like us to consider making over, or if you’re a designer and you’d like to be considered for a future “Design Makeover,” drop us a line at letters@layersmagazine.com.

The Digital Creation of Fabric

To achieve this realism, the texture or weave of the fabric needs to be more visible in areas where the folds bend toward the viewer.

3D Object Painting in Photoshop

Download and paint a 3D object using Photoshop.

Designer Spotlight: Vlad Kolarov

Vlad Kolarov is a cartoonist, humorous illustrator, designer, and animator living in Canada.

Fitting Pictures in InDesign

Jeff Witchel reviews fitting options for graphic frames in InDesign.

How Photoshop CS4 Saved the Day: 7 stories of triumph

Last August, Adobe teamed up with Layers magazine to learn how our readers have used Photoshop CS4 to either get out of a jam at work, come in with a win under a tight deadline on a project, or wow the toughest client against all odd

Quick Labels and Crop Marks in Adobe Illustrator

Use Illustrator to quickly set up multiple labels and add crop marks for printing.

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