Illustrator CS5: Shape Builder

No need to use the pathfinder tool anymore to create complex shapes, the shape builder tool makes it one easy click. It even works on text!

InDesign CS5: Layers Panel

Explore the InDesign CS5 Layers panel as well as the span and split column feature.

After Effects CS5: Roto Brush

Reduce your rotoscoping workload by half by using After Effects CS5 new roto brush tool.

Getting Aligned in Adobe Illustrator

Going through the alignment panel options in Illustrator.

Compositing Images using Channels in Photoshop, Part 1

Composite a city skyline image using alpha channels as masks. In the first part of this two-part tutorial, use the apply image command and blend modes to separate the areas of the image you want to composite.

Motion Tools in Flash CS4, Part 4

Tom Green creates a revolving planet animation using Flash Pro CS3.

Motion Tools in Flash CS4, Part 3

In Part 3 of this 4-part series, Tom Green animates masks to reveal different versions of an image in Flash CS4.

3D Bump Maps in Photoshop Extended

In this tutorial, Stephen Burns shows how to paint Bump map textures with a Wacom tablet.

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