Create An Old-School MP3 Player in Flash CS4

Learn how to create and publish a simple, old-school MP3 player using Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0.

Print May Be King, But The Future is Digital

People are consuming information much differently these days and it’s your responsibility to make sure your content is available for the most popular forms of consumption.

Spot Color: From Photoshop to InDesign

In this tutorial, Dave takes an image and uses Channels to create a spot color version which he then takes over to InDesign to ready for printing.

Animation in Premiere

Practice adding animation to a video clip, adjusting position and scale, and do some experimenting with blend modes.

Re-Create a Logo in Illustrator Based on a Photo

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through one example of how you can re-create a logo in Illustrator based on a photo.

Using Adobe Bridge to Create a Mosaic

In this example, we’ll use Bridge to create both a filmstrip of images and a mosaic.

Creative Use of Blur in Digital Photography

Sharpness is an important element in any photograph, but a creative use of blur can also work to enhance an image.

Create Photo Albums for Print with InDesign

Learn how to create a Photo Album using InDesign inthis tutorial with Terry Whit, inspired by wedding photographer…

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