Create Original Art, Light Effects, and Backgrounds

Flame Painter 2 is a unique program that's not for everyone; however, creatives will find loads of excuses to play with this application. Flame brushes are just one small segment of the process, and the control and precision you have using these esoteric elements will make you feel bad for folks trying to do similar things any other way.

Try the free download and just get in there and play with the Basic tools. You'll probably find this program to be a utility player when you need to make something specific (like fire), or you just need to reignite your creative spark (horrible pun!).

Once you've checked out the free demo, decide if you want to go for the Personal version ($29.99) or make the jump to Professional at $59.99. The reason that I'd purchase the Professional version isn't the extra options, which include unlimited layers and vector-path editing for extra control, but rather the commercial license. Then I can freely use the elements that I create in my other commercial endeavors. I'll have an extra weapon in my artistic arsenal that I can use over and over again, which will pay for the program in no time.

Graphic designers will find this a great new painting tool to create backgrounds and elements for their artwork. Adults and kids alike can just have fun playing with it and coming up with new works of art. You owe it to yourself to check out Flame Painter 2, and unleash your inner creative dragon!

Company: escape motions
Price: $29.99 (Personal); $59.99 (Professional)
Rating: 4
Hot: Creative; inspiring; super-useful; addictive
Not: Price; learning curve; can't drag-and-drop layers