Automatically Capture How You Spend Your Time

For creative professionals, tracking time spent on projects is a necessary fact of life. In an ideal world, your computer would track the time you spend on projects, and you could then adjust the numbers to account for mistakes, and include additional time spent on noncomputer tasks. If you spend most of your billable time in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy, or Flash, or in Microsoft Office, CreativeWorx offers exactly that possibility with their TimeTracker system.

Just install their extension for your version of Adobe software (CS5 and higher), create a free account at the CreativeWorx website, and keep working. You assign a project name to each document—either by selecting it in the TimeTracker panel in your Adobe app or by saving the document to a folder associated with that project—and it tracks the time spent on each document. (TimeTracker recognizes when you're actually working on a document, not simply having it open.)

All data is private and securely stored in a color-coded chart at the CreativeWorx website. There, you can view and adjust all your tracked time, and also export your activity to a PDF or CSV file, when needed.

To keep within a budget, you can assign an hourly limit to a project and check your progress. Because all timesheet activity occurs in a Web browser, you can work with it on your iPad. CreativeWorx is working on an iPhone app, as well.

Designed by creatives for creatives, TimeTracker strikes the perfect balance between control, functionality, and usability, which means you're more likely to use it!

Company: CreativeWorx
Price: Up to $29/month; inquire for Enterprise
Rating: 4
Hot: Simple; pleasant to use; flexible; affordable
Not: Limited app support