The ability to create and use multiple artboards in Illustrator CS4 may prove to be the most popular feature in this new version. The multi-artboard options allow you to create many different comps that can be taken into other Adobe applications like Photoshop and InDesign. Users can place an individual artboard or all of them, and have options for including multi-layered files as well.

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  2. Ryan Stewart (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Coming from a Fireworks background I had no idea how to get started with Artboards. This was a huge help, so thanks very much.


  3. Graham (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Why is Cs4 so much better than Cs3?
    Besides multi art boards.

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  6. Jamster (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Graham, it just is.

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