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Dreamweaver CS4 Interface

Take a tour of the new Dreamweaver CS4 interface. This video explores some of the new features, which include links to new instruction videos on AdobeTV, a split code view, a split vertical view, related files tab, the new insert panel, and the new code navigator, just to name a few.


  • Aaron says:

    Flash video not working even when I downgraded to 9 from 10.

  • imajes says:

    About time the DW interface on the Mac was as usable as on the Windows platform. The Windows version was always much better and more configurable.

  • Karsten Jensen says:

    Volume too low on this video – can’t hear him.

  • Bernard Carlisle says:

    Low volume.

  • Santik Sengthong says:

    Neat! wow! nice upgrades!

  • mauricio arango says:

    I used DW for many years but started to feel that for an editor that is basically manipulating text files (html, javascript, php, etc. is just text) it was pretty bloated and slow. I found other really nice alternatives in the mac platform that are both lightweight and very powerful. I see DW CS4 is finally catching up with some of the features of these other applications. I still wonder if the new DW feels as bloated as before. Anyways for those who are curious I recommend taking a look at Panic’s Coda. It’s amazing.

  • Wiregod says:

    Can only see the volume control of this video.

  • *Jan says:

    Fix your site friends … it is cranky even on T1 connection … Thx!

  • darlin says:

    I am not able to use this! I am trying to figur eout how to use my dreamweaver for a school project, within a week!
    This is no help.

  • neerawg says:

    Execellent!!!! Wish could find a cd with more tutorial!!!! Very perfectly explained.

    Thank you!!!

  • Franck says:

    Perfect ! Thank you looking for more 🙂 (from you)

  • lj says:

    this was great!!! i had no trouble with sound etc…

  • Beverly Savage says:

    When I try to change size/color/alignment one line everything changes.
    What is going on?

  • Roy says:

    Great. No sound or any other problems. Thanks!

  • Gus says:

    it’s actually loud for me… lol idk. but this is cool. i just got it and i’m gonna waste a lot of sleep playing with this hehe

  • Vicki says:

    This assumes that one has been using DreamWeaver all along…not helpful for me, as we have been using FrontPage, and are switching over to DreamWeaver, so just talking about changes from past versions of DreamWeaver doesn’t help me at all!

  • gaurav says:

    Great. No sound or any other problems. Thanks!

  • nasya says:

    ::i really wanna know about dreamweaver..plz anyone who expert bout this software..teach me how to creat easily with dreamweaver to make fabolous website::

  • justin says:

    do you have a video from start to fish making a website including how to set your folders up at the beginning so your pictures appear on your site as I’m stuck with this my pictures wont upload i don’t know why?

  • david says:

    Great overview! @Gaurav There’s a lot of places on the web where you can find tutorials. Do a google search or check out Dreamweaver Tutorials. Thanks again for the great video!

  • Marino says:

    I don´t speak english..Have the tuto in spanish please? Thank you

  • Joan says:

    this guy’s canadian accent is ridiculous. can’t take this seriously at all. nice try canada.

  • paul says:

    your tutorial very low volume i can’t hear & i can’t understand. thnks

  • Falkon says:

    Have a problem getting IFrame working with spry menu items.
    I have a site which needs to be connected to a re sizable galleries adn images, anyway, I want to have the items in the spry when clicked, change the content on the page without the main page refreshing. meaning the body will change but the page will not refresh as in a normal action for menu item change.

    How can I do this?

    I would appreciate the help. Thanks beforehand.