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InDesign CS4 Link Panel

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A.J. Wood explores the new link panel in InDesign CS4. This is an important feature because this is where InDesign users go to check the status of the placed objects in their documents. This includes using the panel to re-link, update, and sometimes even edit the original files.


  • Steve Nashem says:

    Nice showing of the new features. Did you ask Adobe why is was needed or what was needed. The links panel is the life sucking force of the program. I don’t even ask it to show up. I link to over 1200 photos and more little icons. The last thing I need is to slow down the program with info about links and in color with big icons. Linking to a new folder is OK, but how about re-linking to many (thousands) of links that almost have the same name like; EN_cover_100.tif to JP_cover_100.tif. Now that would be a CS4 improvement. Yes it is applescriptable.

  • zaheer says:

    all in design tutorial send me

  • Rheal says:

    The feature I was looking for in the links panel was the ability to rename links from inside indesign (like wysiwyg web editors).

  • comment says:

    I second new links panels is VERY slow when links exceed 1000. I have normally 3000+ so it’s a real pain.

    I hope this is fixed soon.

  • jk says:

    I like to hear about the specifics of the NEWEST present day product out there. I would prefer that the speaker JUST talk about that and NOT digress backwards about old features/other systems. Let’s remain SPECIFIC, MOVE FORWARD and remember time is precious.

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Is there a specific feature that you are interested in? This tutorial was on point regarding updates & changes to the Links panel.

    I have more tutorials regarding features in InDesign CS4 that will be posted soon.

  • Gina Alessi says:

    Thanks for the turorial! That was really interesting. Thanks again!

  • Bruce says:

    Wondering if doing what he says and using a separate folder of low-res images speeds up the Links panel.

    Also, what’s the best format to save screen-capped (captured) images if doing a manual in InDesign (is it .tiff ?).

  • Carolyn Lamka says:

    I was interested in this tutorial, but it didn’t solve my problem, which is: I have old book files originally created in InDesign 2.0.2 that I transferred to the new InDesign CS4 software. I have no problem with the image files, but the original .doc files also show up in my links panel. If I relink them, hundreds of pages of formatting disappears and they look like the original word documents from which they came. If I don’t relink them, InDesign crashes if I try to do anything like package the book to copy it to a flash drive, etc. And, they can’t be deleted, because then the copy disappears also. My old InDesign did not show doc files in the links panel. Do you know how to fix this? I would really appreciate some help. Thank you.

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  • Jessica Haynes says:

    All of a sudden, no information appears on my links panel. I thought I had mistakenly changes something, but no…I trashed my preferences and it still come up blank. What am I doing wrong?