Fireworks CS4 has some new and improved layout features to take advantage of. This video covers: display rulers, traditional guides, the new tool tips feature, smart guides, and align panel improvements.

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  2. Phil (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Whatever Happened to written tutorials… Video’s are cumbersom, and hard to follow, let alone grasp at anything!

  3. Jim Babbage (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    @ Phil:

    Different people learn in different ways. Check out or or for many written tutorials. I have many written tutorials at adobe’s site and at Community MX, if you prefer to read.

  4. Tamara Mitchell (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    That was very well illustrated. IMO, tutorial videos are not cumbersom – they challenge you to create what’s needed.

  5. Terry Losee (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Thanks for being so Incredibly Helpful !
    I find this particular Video to be fundamentally helpful. From here I can get up some little bit of speed while creating. (the new guy)
    Wow, what a great piece of work FireWorks is. Literally, I did not know what I bought. I am impressed 1000 times over with the work that Adobe does. Can’t wait till I become fluent with the whole set of Premium CS4 programs.

  6. Jim Babbage (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    @Tamara: Thanks very much! Feel free to suggest other tutorials you’d like to see.

    @Terry: You’re very welcome. I’m glad you find the tutorials helpful! And yeah, Fireworks is pretty cool. :-)

  7. Nat (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    Jim, I really enjoy your tutorials. What option did you use for your background image to show through the grey rectangles?
    Thank you,

  8. crap (Reply) on Tuesday September 23, 2008

    If you have a complex layout with boxes partially overlapping then the export does not position relatively, its only for basic designs. Shit!

  9. [...] Fireworks CS4 Layout Tools (video) [...]

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