You'll Flip for this "Placing Multiple Images" Tip.

One of the new time-saving features that everyone is talking about in InDesign CS3 is the ability to Place multiple images at one time. If you haven’t discovered it yet, here’s how it works. Set up some Graphic Frames in your layout, go to File > Place, and locate the folder that contains your images. Select the first image, then Command-click (Control-click with PC) to select additional images you’d like to Place, and then click the Open button. This loads all the images to be Placed. A preview of the first image is seen in the loaded brush. If you click on a Frame, the image is Placed in that Frame and the next image is previewed in the brush.

But what if you want to place the images in a different order than they are previewed? No problem! If you want to skip a particular image, use the Down Arrow on your keyboard to skip to the next image preview. Both the Up and Down or Left and Right Arrows can be used to flip through the Previews of all the loaded images. If you loaded extra pictures that you later decide not to Place, simply click on any tool in the Tools panel to unload the brush of all remaining images.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.