Common Wrap Problem Solved in CS3

There’s one problem with Wraps that almost everyone has had at one time or another. You position a Wrap object between two columns of copy and, on some lines, the text jumps over the object and continues on the other side of the object on the same line. This, of course, can make the copy impossible to read and is a very definite typographic “No No.” In a previous tip, I mentioned that you could edit a Wrap Path with both the Direct Section tool (A) and the Pen tool (P), which can be used to solve this “text jumping” problem. But, in CS3, there’s an easier way.

In the Text Wrap panel (Window > Text Wrap), after you click on either the “Wrap around bounding box” or “Wrap around shape” button, there are new Wrap options available in the “Wrap To” popup menu. The last of these options, Largest Area, will solve the problem instantly by making the text run around the side of the Wrap object with the most width within the column. This stops the text from jumping over the wrap and continuing on the other side.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.