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Working with Hair in Photoshop

Hair can be a difficult thing to work with in Photoshop. Here are some tips to help make it easier.


  • Reimu says:

    This helped a lot! Interesting tutorial, thanks!

  • gem says:

    this is a great help!!! Thanks!

  • ginger colin says:

    nice work, i like the way you didnt use clone and created a very natural effect.

  • Rohana Meegahapola says:

    Very nice tutorial and interesting. Thank You!

  • deborah says:


  • Pooh says:

    it would be nice…IF I COULD SEE IT!

  • Shiva Kummar says:

    nice and simple work, its realy great help!!! Thanks!

  • saki says:

    any hair tuts always welcome

  • MLou says:

    Something doesn`t work:
    If i click the Q button i get a quick mask, then i draw with the brush..and i will select only the brush so i click Q button again but then he also selects the background..HELP!

  • richard says:

    double click the quick mask icon (second from the bottom on the left bar) make sure selected areas is checked

  • jequalo says:

    So where do I get the hair color thing?

  • bubunyo says:

    it is amazing, treating hair is really a very difficult job thanks for this tutorial

  • shamel says:

    very very good how do i get the hair color thing?

  • John C. Lowe says:

    Nice, but where did you get the L’Oreal Color Chart?

  • ng says:

    The narrator seems to mumble through some of the important aspects of this tutorial. Enunciate please and speak up!

  • ES says:

    BUT what is starting resolution AND the intended OUTPUT RESOLUTION????????? You don’t view any of your liquify transformations at 100% and if it’s a small file you won’t see the smearing and interpolation that Liquefy is going to do to the transformed info. MAYBE great for a tiny file to be used on the web, but that technique just TOO Quick & Sloppy for any type HIGH RES OUTPUT. PLEASE STOP these low end, low tech, sloppy tutorials or tell us what the intended output is going to be. Is it for the web, a small brochure image, a high res high dpi print job large size print job? What is the intended output? THEN design your tutorial to meet THAT output, as one size Tutorials do not meet all jobs.

  • priya says:

    very nice &easy work

  • Josh says:

    hi everybody, i have 2 questions:

    1- how did he convert the brush on a selection..??
    2- how did he select and deselect multiples eyes of layers visibility..??

  • Katarzyna says:

    fine! I could easily do it with pleasure

  • Nizar Ben Slama says:

    Awsome man, I’m simply “wow” for a starter like me I find what you just fascinating thmbs up !

  • Norman Hines says:

    What does “tap the key-key” mean?
    What is he filling up to the top?
    Slow down! Enunciate! I don’t understand what’s happening or what he’s saying!

  • Amanda says:

    Tap the “Q” key.

    I got that far, and the mask works fine, but when I hit CNTRL-J, the new layer becomes the entire picture, instead of just the mask. Any suggestions?