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Using the Project Manager in Premiere Pro

The Project Manager inside the new Premiere Pro CS4 will help video editors to save only what they are using in their video project and trim down what they are not using.


  • WilhelmR says:

    Great video, great tip.

  • jer says:

    What about After Effects comps used in Preimere Timeline?

  • cris is bliss says:

    Yes, what about AE comps used in the Premiere

    Otherwise a very informative tutorial. Something that I needed.

  • b dunusinghe says:

    Can’t Trim to HDV ( 1280 x 720 ) Video Project

  • RB says:

    Great stuff. Seems like exactly what I need, but when I do a trimmed project in CS5, I get one large video instead of the separate smaller clips. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  • Christian Heine says:

    Sadly after comps will not be saved in the new location of the whole collection. Beware of videoclips with same numbering in different folders. ProjectManager will rename them at will and even insert the wrong clips when building the timeline! this feature should only be used with projects without aftercomps..