Using Gels For Flash Photography – Combat Nighttime White Balance Problems with CTO & Stacking of Gels

[tps_header]In photography, you’ll spend a lot of time in different lighting scenarios. Fluorescent, tungsten, and cloudy environments each have their own colors to consider. How do you get the correct mixture of these lights to form one cohesive portrait? The problem gets even more complex when you have to add off-camera flash into the mix. In instances like this, using Gels for Flash Photography can totally help. Adding orange gels (or Color Temperature Orange (CTO) gels)—and stacking them—can bring back some warmth to nighttime photos.



Step One:

Ybor, Florida. Tutorial on CTO gels

The image shown here is of my buddy SJ in Ybor City, Florida. I wanted to use the lights of the storefront as the foundation of a portrait but having her out in the main part of the sidewalk, you can immediately see that the streetlights throw a specific color on her that totally clashes with the overall scene.

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