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Title Templates in Premiere Pro

Use Premiere Pro’s built-in title templates or design your own template to help place titles into your video projects.


  • Louis DP says:

    Great job Thanks for the timesaving advice.

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    Glad you liked it!


    • KD says:

      I reloaded my premiere Pro program. When I open open my title template window * based on templates) there. No temp’s, No Lower Thirds etc. Is there somewhere I can download it?

  • Severo Contreras says:

    Can custom animated title templates be created and added to the template section?

  • Santos, Adriano says:

    most part of the people is complaining about the button missing on CS4 that is “Grab a picture” from timeline and save it as title or a template as we had on CS3. The question is: is that feature hiden? missing? forgoten? or is not part of this pack anymore? It was very useful!
    Thank for all your help on this issue, if you can of course!

    • Hi, Adriano,
      The first time I shifted to Premiere CS4 from lower version I thought grabbing a picture from timeline is missing from the version. Actually it is easy. 1). Scrub your bar to find the exact frame you want to save as picture. 2). Press F12. You will be brought to export settings. Look at the Export Settings and 3). change the Format to Windows Bitmap. Now look at Preset, and 4). change it to the appropriate setting, depending on your project. You are given a Summary of the Settings, it should correspond to picture size in your project. Go down to the Video Tab, Basic Settings, and just 5). be sure that the Export as Sequence box is unchecked. 6). Press OK, and you are prompted to save the picture. There’s a name given, you can change it. Be sure you know the folder it is going to. That’s it. Go back to your project and press control I (import) look for the image just newly saved, and import it. It seems tedious at first, but you won’t do those settings again in the same project. Have fun.


  • Santos, Adriano says:

    premiere cs4 doesn’t let you create a template from the timeline picture as we use to do on cs3. how can I do that now? Any one can help me?

  • rozalie says:

    Thanks Franklin…
    can you tell me about animated fonts? Can we get this with Adobe? I believe it’s called livetype?

  • Lauren says:

    I have the same problem as KD. I have no templates in my title templates menu, at all. Where are they? I’ve just bough PP CS5, do I need to dowload something?


  • Mario Frias says:

    Hi ,did you now how can I or where can I buy more templates.

  • Aris says:

    i need templates pls help me