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The Lightroom Show

The new weekly Friday podcast, “The Lightroom Show” with Scott Kelby and RC is on the air! Check out the awesome (under 10min) debut with …

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Using Lightroom's Highlights & Shadows Sliders to Deal with Exposure Problems

Lightroom's Highlights and Shadows sliders are the sliders that I always think of as the "problem solvers." Sometimes the problems are caused by what I did in-camera (I took a shot where I let the highlights get clipped, or I took a shot where my subject is backlit and they are pretty much a silhouette), or these problems happen in Lightroom because of other changes I've made with other sliders. Here, we'll take a look at how to use these two slider to solve a problems like these.


Lightroom Mania!

KelbyOne has just released four new Lightroom courses by the man in charge, Scott Kelby.   The four new Lightroom Series classes are: • Cool …