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The Lightroom Show

The new weekly Friday podcast, “The Lightroom Show” with Scott Kelby and RC is on the air!

Check out the awesome (under 10min) debut with printing tips, color correcting techniques, keyboard shortcuts, and even a user spotlight to keep you all in tune with Adobe Lightroom.

Every week Lightroom Killer Tips and KelbyTV will host the new episode so make sure to add this link to your bookmarks!


  • I love creating presets to let me preview changes in Lightroom… though I’m not sure why you say in the video that you can’t do this with RAW files; surely you could just use the same white balance presets you created in the video as they’ll do exactly the same thing (including allowing you to preview changes) whether the file you’re working on is RAW or JPEG. Great tip on the print brightness by the way, I had no idea that was even there.

  • Sumie Abdishi says:

    I have Lightroom and Photoshop through the Creative Cloud. I have successfully transfered my Lightroom catalogue from my Mac to my Macbook Pro through file sharing. Is there a quick tip for transferring folders or specific work flows from one computer to another? I’d be interested in a Lightroom show on cataloging.