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Step Repeat in InDesign CS4

This tutorial covers how to distribute frames evenly across a document using the step and repeat command.


  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi AJ,

    Great tutorial!

    Jeff Witchel

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Jeff – Thanks man. Always appreciate praise from a fellow instructor. Picked up some good stuff from you as well.

    – A.J.

  • Charlie Putnam says:

    Thanks AJ I learned something new today

  • Christopher Mosca says:

    Thanks AJ ,

    Never knew you could perform math functions in the attribute boxes, great thing to know …

  • Mubarak says:

    After watching the Step Repeat lesson, i have become master in repeating the steps….

  • Robert says:

    Wow! I wish I had known that last year

  • Merel says:

    If you have a frame, how can you import a photo?
    Is it with the cursor and command D? Then I have my picture very big and I want to have it fitted. Could you help me with this?

  • Stephen M. King says:

    Thanks AJ,

    I am new to CS4 and a beginner to most of this, but seeing your tutorial proved I took the right step to upgrade – what Adobe did with CS4 is incredible but it takes instructors like you to show us just how powerful a change it really is!

    Great job!

  • Jim McCall says:

    When you calculated the gutter and divided the box in 4, the left edge of the initial box stayed put and the right edge moved. With my box, both left and right edge moved; the size change was equal on both sides. How did you do it differently? There must be a way to lock an edge.

  • A.J. Wood says:

    Jim – When you choose the Selection Tool (black arrow) in the Control Panel options you can set the Registration Point. You’ll see the option on the far left corner just above the Selection Tool itself at the beginning of the video.

    I locked my registration point to the left side, the default is set to center.

    Thanks for watching.

  • I just finished up a little project for one of my potential bosses and I needed this during the page. Now I know what to do next time! Thanks for the tips!!

  • No more calculating inches now LOL