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Roundtrip Logo From Illustrator to Photoshop

Dave Cross creates some grungy text graphics. By combining tools from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, he creates a smart vector object that can be edited on the fly.


  • Martin Dörsch says:

    Oh, yes Dave!
    That’s a great one!
    I never think this way in Illustrator (the alt-klick think). I always use this in InDesign but newer in Illustrator!
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards from Austria

  • Mr. Photoshop says:

    A foreign man from a foreign land with a cool foreign tutorial

  • veja_bmw_2010 says:

    very nice

  • LAL says:

    Thanks Dave for sharing your knowledge….:)

    with regards
    LaL, india

  • Jan fronda says:

    thanks for the idea…

  • JustSomeone says:

    Great tutorial. It is the alpha and omega to combine the programmes.

  • w says:

    why in one minute time tutorial dissaperas and layer magazines advertisment shoews up?

  • Rebekkah Burton says:

    This is awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing the tip!

  • pet says:

    Please help me with a example how to do design a web page (difficult web page) in photoshop ( ( ) and convert it into as website in Dreamweaver

  • Kate says:


    I am loving this tutorial but it isn’t working for me all the way through. Is it done in CS4?
    Why when I make the opacaity mask am I unable to change the transparency settings such as hard light, soft light, screen etc?
    Also, I am trying to get my texture to open in Photoshop from Illustrator by holding down cmd/option and double clicking on the selected texture but I get a white arrow with a plus sign and it doesn’t go into Photoshop.
    I know this is an older tutorial but I’m hoping someone sees this and can help.

    Thanks –