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Premiere Pro CS4 Nest Command

In this video, Franklin McMahon uses Premiere Pro CS4 to create a nested sequence and then overlay it over a backdrop.


  • gianmarco says:

    very very useful! thanx!

  • mitch says:

    you could have made the effect by having the back drop on video track 1, and the talent and logo on track two, you could have done everything the same minus wasting time with nesting.

    i guess nested sequences/clips is the same as having something in a seperate composition in after effects, good not stacking up your time line with video tracks.

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    Actually the main point was to create “sub-projects” that can be reused and pasted right in to any project. Yes you can put everything on separate tracks, but nesting allows them all to be easily grouped.

    If your project is a one shot deal then nesting is not too important. However if you keep recreating the same effects with slight alterations, nesting can save a tremendous amount of time. Also keep in mind that you can apply an effect to a nested comp, which if you tried to do it without nesting you would have to indivudually re-apply the effect to each and every element of that section. And to tweak and change parameters would be very time consuming.

    And you are right…nesting does also have the benefit of a cleaner and less cluttered timeline.


  • Dilip kumar says:

    hi this is dilip plz tell me how to download video from handycam to asobe prem cs4

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    Best way is via firewire, hook up a firewire cable and then go into the capture mode of Premiere Pro CS4

  • john phillip says:

    hello can anyone teach me how to save the video that i edited? email me plss
    i can only save the project but not the video

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    You need to “export” the timeline as a video. There are different controls for different size videos.

  • Robert Maoga says:

    You are a God Send….Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You… I’m new to all this and from the few tutorials I have seen you do so far, I am totally Stoked…

  • Franklin McMahon says:

    You’re welcome! I am doing more this month..stay tuned…


  • Laxie says:

    Al effects in the tutorials is in the program, right? You don’t need to go and download it or anything, right?

  • ronaldo says:

    how can I export a sequence to a new project in premiere cs3?